MGBRC Organized Product Performance Testing Skills Competition



To further improve the company's marketing services and product performance testing technology, as well as to accelerate the cultivation and selection of high-skilled talents, on May 4, 2023, MGBRC organized a product performance testing skills competition. The competition encouraged everyone to strive to become skilled technicians and over 20 marketing and production personnel participated in this event.

MGBRC Organized Product Performance Testing Skills Competition

The competition focused on evaluating the operational standardization, instrument application proficiency and accuracy of test results in cold-rolled ribbed steel bar's tension test, weight deviation test, and sampling of welded mesh and it's shear strength test.

After intense competition, 6 outstanding participants were selected and awarded first, second, and third prizes respectively.

MGBRC always adheres to promoting learning ability through practice, identifying shortcomings through competition, and using competition to drive improvement which continuously stimulate the enthusiasm of frontline marketing team and production personnel to learn and enhance technology skills voluntarily. By comprehensively improving product quality and on-site customer service capabilities, MGBRC strives to write a new chapter in high-quality development.