Lattice Girders/ Truss Girders

Steel lattice girders (truss girders) are composed of one upper deformed bar, two lower deformed bars and two "z" shaped  round wires.
  • Material: Cold-rolled ribbed bars/ Hot-rolled ribbed bars/ plane bars to respective standards,
  • Diameter: 5mm~12mm,
  • Interval: 200mm, custom size negotiable,
  • Length: ≤12m,
  • Height: 50~300mm,
  • Properties: to respective production standards.
Production Standard:
YB/T4262-2011, Lattice girder for the reinforcement of concrete (Chinese),
Other standards negotiable.


Short Description

The Steel lattice girders/ Truss Girders manufactured by MGBRC are used as reinforcement of precast concrete buildings, steel structures and high-speed railways, etc.

Application Fields

1. Transportation Industry

High-speed railway ballastless track.

2.  Building Industry

Precasted concrete buildings (slabs, walls), and prefabricated Truss Deck in steel structures.

3. Others

New type of construction formwork.

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