Cold-rolled Ribbed Coils

Cold-rolled ribbed steel coils are made from hot-rolled round wires through cold-rolling, with uniformly distributed transverse ribs on the surface alongside the length direction.
  • Material: CRB550/ CRB650/ CRB800/ CRB600H/ CRB680H/ CRB800H,
  • Diameter: 5~12mm for CRB550/ CRB600H/ CRB680H,
  •                   4,5,6mm for CRB650/ CRB800/ CRB800H,
  • Piece Weight: around 2 tons
Production Standard:
GB/T13788-2017, Cold-rolled Ribbed Steel Bars (Chinese),
Other standards negotiable.


Short Description

Cold-rolled ribbed coils are purely for the manufacturing of cold-rolled ribbed bars.


1. Save Steel Consumption

Normally cold-rolled ribbed wires have higher strength than hot-rolled wires, so it can save steel consumption when they are made into bars or further more into welded steel fabric/ mesh.

2. Welding Friendly

Cold-rolled ribbed coils are the middle products for cold-rolled ribbed bars which are mainely for mesh-welding. Compared to hot-rolled ribbed bars, there are no longitudinal ribs alongside the length of the bar which adversely affect the connectiveness of the logitudinal bars and the cross bars.

Application Fields

1. Cold-rolled ribbed bars

Cold-rolled ribbed wires are mainly used as the raw material for cold-rolled ribbed bars.

2. Welded Steel Fabric/ Mesh

Cold-rolled ribbed wires are sometimes used directly as raw materials for welded steel fabric/ mesh when the welding machine has a special device/ part to straighten the wires on line.

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